My Top Blog Posts of 2010

It’s always fun to take a look back and see what people found most interesting in the content you post and share. These were the most visited posts from my blog in 2010:

  1. My Experience with SunTrust Mortgage – This one had more than double the number of hits than my #2 did! It apparently struck a chord with my REALTOR® friends as they shared it with many of their friends and colleagues. This post really impressed upon me the true power of Social Media.
  2. Has Mike Ferry Lost His Mind? – I had a lot of fun with this one, and it continues to get sporadic traffic all the time. In fact the number one search term that brings people to my blog is… Mike Ferry! I’ll go ahead and let you be the judge on whether or not he’s lost his mind!
  3. My NARdiGras Takeaways – I truly enjoyed the 2010 NAR Annual Convention this year. I had the amazing opportunity of being one of only 20 people selected to be featured members on the NAR Conference Live site and provide Social Media content to both attendees and those who were watching from home!
  4. My Twitterverse – As many of you know, Fridays are full of #FF or Follow Friday suggestions as to who you recommend to follow. Instead of posting a bunch of these each Friday, I chose to write a blog post about the people who bring the most to my Twitter experience. Only “problem” is I need to update it more regularly!
  5. Finding the 18th Camel – This is a post a thoroughly enjoyed writing and I am so glad to see it was well received by my audience! This is all about finding unique solutions to problems as illustrated in the far east story of three sons who couldn’t figure out how to divide up the 17 camels their father had left them.
  6. Behind the One-Way Mirror – Doing the research on this post was one of the most educational experiences of my career! I was invited by NAR to observe a consumer focus group discussing their experiences with buying and selling a home. Talk about an eye-opener!
  7. Just Because I Tweet – Not surprised at all that this made the list, as it is actually a follow up post to the Mike Ferry post. I got into a Twitter discussion due to the Mike Ferry post and the person who was arguing with me stated that people don’t do business just because I tweet. While I agree… it’s funny that I have a story about someone who did do business with me because I tweet!
  8. A Blogging Interview with Michael McClure – On December 14, 2010 I got into a twitter discussion with @ProfessionalOne about some interesting search terms that have brought people to our blogs. It turned into a full on interview and I have done several since. One thing I’ve learned is that engaging with Michael McClure on Twitter generally results in great stuff!
  9. Is This Social Media? – While in New Orleans for NARdiGras I stumbled across this amazing project by Candy Chang that just begged the question, “Is this Social Media?” She was posting stickers around town and allowing neighborhood residents to answer the simple question – “I Wish This Was…”
  10. My Installation as 2011 UCAR President – Few events in 2010 will stand out for me more than taking office as the President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS®. If you know me well, you know I am passionate about the REALTOR® organization and family. What a great day this was!

About utahREpro

Chris is the managing broker for Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate in American Fork, Utah. His passions include spending time with his family, Real Estate, Social Media, traveling, reading, movies, golf, dirt biking and so much more. Chris is a graduate of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Leadership Academy as well as the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Leadership Academy. He has served in many capacities in the real estate industry at the national, state and local levels, including: 2013 Treasurer of the Utah Association of REALTORS 2011 President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS (UCAR) 2011 REALTOR of the Year – UCAR NAR Federal Political Coordinator assigned to US Senator Mike Lee 2011 NAR Strategic Planning Committee 2010 – 2013 NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee 2011 Dean of the LeadershipUAR Program Chris has been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Utah since 2004. He has been recognized both nationally and locally by Prudential and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010.
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