How To Create Your Very Own Word Cloud

word cloudI was messing around today with a blog post and was struggling to find a cool image to include. I thought it would be neat to include a word cloud based on words that were synonymous with professionalism, the subject of the blog post. So I accidentally stumbled upon a word cloud generator that’s free!

Wordle allows you to paste in a bunch of text or plug in the URL and it will pull in the text for you and automatically create a word cloud for you. Here’s an example of a word cloud from my recent blog posts:

Wordle Create ScreenNotice the Randomize button highlighted above. By clicking that you can automatically randomize the text, color, layout, etc. Or you can manually do these things on your own. This is a great tool for generating word cloud graphics of your own!





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Chris is the managing broker for Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate in American Fork, Utah. His passions include spending time with his family, Real Estate, Social Media, traveling, reading, movies, golf, dirt biking and so much more. Chris is a graduate of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Leadership Academy as well as the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Leadership Academy. He has served in many capacities in the real estate industry at the national, state and local levels, including: 2013 Treasurer of the Utah Association of REALTORS 2011 President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS (UCAR) 2011 REALTOR of the Year – UCAR NAR Federal Political Coordinator assigned to US Senator Mike Lee 2011 NAR Strategic Planning Committee 2010 – 2013 NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee 2011 Dean of the LeadershipUAR Program Chris has been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Utah since 2004. He has been recognized both nationally and locally by Prudential and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010.
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