Dear Klout, We’re through… It’s not me… It’s you!

Klout LogoFor a long time I’ve been a fan of Klout as a way to gauge if I am doing this whole social media thing “right”. We’ve had our ups and downs, both literally (in my score) and figuratively, but this latest algorithm change has been nothing but down…

Chris Nichols | Klout Influence ReportI kept assuming and hoping that the kinks would get worked out and that perhaps one day my score would level out and even start to rise again. Sadly I’ve come to the conclusion that it will not and that Klout’s algorithm is seriously broke.

How do I know this?

Top NARannual twitterersWell, I just got back from a 5 day conference where I did a lot of live tweeting, blogging, etc. In the past these conferences have resulted in large spikes in my Klout score as engagement and activity is off the charts during these events. What did my score do? Thanks for asking… It continued its dismal and steady decline. Take a look at the tweet statistics according to TwapperKeeper.

To me, this shows that Klout has a serious problem on its hands. Their algorithm does not work if, over 5 days of serious engagement, my score simply continues to drop! If your data is no longer reliable… then what good is your service??? But hey, we did have some good times Klout, and I will always remember them!

UPDATE 12/1/2011 –

Yesterday, Chris Smith posted a great piece on Klout – “There is no I in Klout”. As usual Chris brings a great perspective to any topic he tackles. Chris is also a smart guy, who warned those of us he was referencing in the blog that he was putting links to our Klout blog posts up. Thank you very much Chris!

I did want to clarify a few things though. When I said I was through with Klout, I never meant that I was deleting my profile. The very things Chris mentioned in his post, are all of the reasons why I would never do this. Here’s what I meant when I said I was through with Klout: I am no longer going to actively follow my score, promote Klout as a viable tool to measure influence, and basically stop giving it the attention I have been giving it. The reasons for this are all clearly outlined above in my original blog post.

Chris Nichols | Klout Influence Report 2When I raised my concerns about Klout it was strictly from the perspective of there is something wrong with a metric that continues to drop regardless of what I do. As you can clearly see the results of Klout finally admitting and fixing their mistake. Why Klout chose to ignore many of their key influencers and not openly discuss the problem is beyond me…

I do have one more question for Klout though – If you truly are “The Standard for Influence” are you ever going to come out of beta, or is that just a way to continue to excuse all the screw ups like your most recent?

UPDATE 12/3/2011 –

At what point can we ever take Klout seriously again… Here’s today’s latest Klout drama!

klout is broken again

klout numbers

A picture speaks a thousand words… so I’m just going to let this one speak for itself!

About utahREpro

Chris is the managing broker for Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate in American Fork, Utah. His passions include spending time with his family, Real Estate, Social Media, traveling, reading, movies, golf, dirt biking and so much more. Chris is a graduate of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Leadership Academy as well as the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Leadership Academy. He has served in many capacities in the real estate industry at the national, state and local levels, including: 2013 Treasurer of the Utah Association of REALTORS 2011 President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS (UCAR) 2011 REALTOR of the Year – UCAR NAR Federal Political Coordinator assigned to US Senator Mike Lee 2011 NAR Strategic Planning Committee 2010 – 2013 NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee 2011 Dean of the LeadershipUAR Program Chris has been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Utah since 2004. He has been recognized both nationally and locally by Prudential and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010.
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5 Responses to Dear Klout, We’re through… It’s not me… It’s you!

  1. carp1sean says:

    Phew! I thought it was just me. I was taking it personally that as I continued to tweet, facebook and chat IRL with some pretty important people in the real estate community that my influence or “perceived influence” (read: wonky Klout) would improve. Sadly, much like you, a steady decline to match the bear markets of recent Wall Street collapses.

    Oh well, it is comforting to know that as young pop icon Justin beiber has been battling his “paternity” scandal, his Klout has remained near perfect. And really…who influences today like Justin Beiber? Baby, baby, Oh baby!

    • Janet White says:

      Ditto! Klout, you’ve lost your Cred… No spike AT ALL on my Klout, even tho I also was one of the Top 10 NAR conf twitterers and shot 20 YouTube videos in the past 30 days of how Realtors are using video in Social Media: (Video is supposed to rank very high with Klout.)

      AND … Today Klout insulted me in words! Even tho I grew my True Reach (260 new and fairly influential twitter followers in my industry) and I was frequently retweeted (most every hour over the 5-day conference) my Klout amplification dropped and according to Klout, “your influence on Twitter decreased in the last 30 days.”

  2. Steven says:

    Just a few days ago I was wondering about the metrics they use to calculate your score. Thanks for posting this, it definitely confirmed some of my doubts about Klout.

  3. Tom Doody says:

    The comment about coming out of beta is a cheap shot. Klout is good; not perfect; good. The detail in this blog post shows great attention to twenty points for a measure that did not exist until recent times. Klout gets me in touch with people who respond, and I am pleased.

    • utahREpro says:

      Tom, how is that a cheap shot? I am not the one who claims to be the standard of influence and yet is still in beta and is having MAJOR issues with my scoring algorithm. And by the way, a klout score is NOT an indication of people who respond. Prime example are celebrities whose klout scores are through the roof… they won’t be responding to you or I anytime soon. Klout measures who people are talking about via RTs, mentions, likes, comments etc…

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