Justifying Designations or Products With Meaningless Statistics

Which Came First? The Chicken or The Egg?

chicken or the eggI got an e-mail today which raised an interesting question for me, and of course I want to throw it out to you! The e-mail was for a product to make REALTORS® more productive. Here’s how they started off their e-mail:

According to the NAR 2011 Member Profile, the average Realtor earned only $24,900 in 2010, while the average real estate agent using ACME product/service/designation earned $82,404. 

Well who wouldn’t want to use ACME’s product/service/designation? I mean if I can go from earning $24,900 to $82,404 a year, I’d be nuts not to do it right? There’s just one problem… did the product/service/designation make the difference or was the REALTOR® already operating at that level of production and this just happens to be the product/service/designation they use?

It also raises the question of how do they even get the data to know what the user/holder of said product/service/designation earns in a year? I don’t recall filling out a form authorizing the IRS to allow any of these vendors/providers access to my income records!

As you probably noticed, I changed the name of the company to ACME to protect the innocent (insert guilty). However, I am sure all of you have seen these very same ads from a plethora of sources intimating that if you use/hold said product/service/designation you too will make nearly 4 times as much as the average REALTOR®!

So what say ye? Did the product/service/designation make the difference, or were the core values of the practicing REALTOR® the defining factor in the income differential? And while you’re at it, someone please tell me which came first… the chicken or the egg??



About utahREpro

Chris is the managing broker for Prudential Utah Elite Real Estate in American Fork, Utah. His passions include spending time with his family, Real Estate, Social Media, traveling, reading, movies, golf, dirt biking and so much more. Chris is a graduate of the National Association of REALTORS (NAR) Leadership Academy as well as the Utah Association of REALTORS (UAR) Leadership Academy. He has served in many capacities in the real estate industry at the national, state and local levels, including: 2013 Treasurer of the Utah Association of REALTORS 2011 President of the Utah County Association of REALTORS (UCAR) 2011 REALTOR of the Year – UCAR NAR Federal Political Coordinator assigned to US Senator Mike Lee 2011 NAR Strategic Planning Committee 2010 – 2013 NAR Public Policy Coordinating Committee 2011 Dean of the LeadershipUAR Program Chris has been a licensed REALTOR in the State of Utah since 2004. He has been recognized both nationally and locally by Prudential and was inducted into their Hall of Fame in 2010.
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2 Responses to Justifying Designations or Products With Meaningless Statistics

  1. JIM CANNON says:

    The average agent doesnt “do” real estate. they hold their license for for family and friends’ transactions. Are these pros making $80k two people?

  2. Karin Jessen says:

    I think what made the difference was that the agent had now invested money they may or may not have had and HAD to get in gear and start producing. Funny how making an investment in a product or service can be a great motivator…to get your money’s worth. As for the chicken and the egg; “Stephen Hawking and Christopher Langan argue that the egg came before the chicken, though the real importance of the question has faded since Darwin’s On the Origin of Species and the accompanying Theory of Evolution, under which the egg must have come first, assuming the question intended the egg to mean an egg in general or an egg that hatches into a chicken.”

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