A Blogging Interview with Dale Chumbley

On Thursday, December 16, 2010 I sat down via twitter with Dale Chumbley (@DaleChumbley) and had an entertaining discussion about blogging. For those of you who don’t know Dale, he took on the incredible task of blogging every day about his community for 365 days! He’s nearing the end of that journey!

Well, here’s the recap of #DCblogerview – I hope you enjoy it:

First and foremost you can check out Dale’s blog at: 

When did you first start blogging?

Tricky question. I’ve “had” a blog since early 2007. I really got serious w/ content in Feb of this year. Prior to Feb 2010 I “dabbled” with content and blogging.

How many blog posts have you written?

I have written on http://clarkcountyrealestateguide.com 534 posts. I wrote about 230 posts over 3 years. I’ve written 302 this year. ;?)

What’s the craziest search term you’ve ever had bring someone to your blog?

I actually don’t get a ton of crazy search terms. Most of my terms are for community “things”. I wish I could give you some insane terms but mine are pretty consistent w/ my content.

Which blog post has had the most traffic for you?

It’s interesting. A post I wrote last week. About a local home w/ an insane light show. http://is.gd/iqsxN It’s had about 800 page views & a couple hundred “likes” on the FB button.

Which one was the most fun for you to write?

Easy, ALL the ones with fOOd! ;?) Prior to this year most posts were not that “fun”. Now they are all more fun. I enjoy my blog. I always test the food. Gotta write from experience when sharing community info.

Being the great blogger that you are today… what would you go back and tell the rookie blogger you were?

I would tell a rookie blogger to write from what they love. No passion = no enjoyment! If you love to write, write! Photos? Do that. Video? Do that. Make it enjoyable. Life’s too short.

What is your favorite blog to read besides your own?

Since I love my iPhone so much I have to say a fav is http://iphoneography.com/ I have so many favorite RE bloggers I can’t name them all. I can say @TBoard was huge inspiration!

What’s the best blogging tip or trick you’ve ever received (not given)?

Hmmm… “If you have answered it 2 or 3 times, it’s probably a blog post!”

What’s the biggest mistake you see bloggers making?

A big mistake I see bloggers make is being “paralyzed” waiting to get the site looking “just right”. Rather than worrying about content, they focus on what doesn’t bring in traffic.

What direction or innovation do you see coming this next year to the blogosphere?

I believe we will continue to become even more mobile. I know @NashvilleBrian mentioned @posterous yesterday. All of my photo & video content is 100% captured & uploaded via my iPhone. That trend will continue.

What would you say to someone who is sitting on the sidelines and waiting to get into the blogoshpere?

I would say if you hate writing, don’t do it. Find a different way to share your expertise. Be creative. To the rest I’d say, get busy! Quit stewing over the little things & start writing, shooting, having fun.

What is the most popular category and tag for your blog?

Restaurants and food items are the top. That’s the thing people do the most. We like our food. I’ve been known to eat a meal or two per day… ;?)

Where do you usually find the inspiration for your blogs?

I find inspiration going out into my community. Talking to friends & clients. Listening to others. I have lived my entire life in Vancouver, WA & that inspires me. #VanWA Love my community.

Is there anything you avoid like the plague when blogging?

I avoid writing LONG blog posts. I usually am less than 300 words with several pics & a video.

How long does your typical blog take you to write?

The act of writing itself is pretty quick. Going out to each place takes the time. Time well spent though. I’m always there if there’s food. Like a beacon. Especially @Whiffies

Alright… last question – what haven’t you blogged about yet, that you are dying to blog about?

Day 365… ;?) Actually, I’m trying to coordinate something with @nbostic that will be a fun post. (hint hint) ;?) #365VancouverWA has been an AMAZING experience for me. Wonderfully embraced by #VanWA. I say to people everywhere. DO NOT do “365 Things”. Just SHARE your community. It’s a major undertaking!


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  2. René Fabre says:

    Chris… great interview with Dale. Thanks.

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